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Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
with civil rights of the '60s. >> host: john is from illinois now. john is an independent. hi there. >> caller: hi. mr. johnson, the only problem i have is about the tax issue. and the reason why it's like -- the reason why i say that is, our taxes in this country have never been set at actually to be fair. what they were set up for originally was that the rich were supposed to pay the majority of their taxes in federal taxes, and the working class and the poor were supposed to pay most of -- the majority of theirs in home owners taxes, city and state taxes. and that has been all -- it's got everything out of sorts. my problem with what everybody calls a fair tax is, when you're on a fixed income, and these states are going to have to have such a high tax rate because the federal government is going to have such a lower one, that when anybody that is on a fixed tax rate goes in and buys a refrigerator, they cost $400, the lowest one they can buy, they have about $100 tax on the refrigerator. that is the problem. and the only ones it's going to hurt is people that are retired, people
Oct 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to do what john f. kerry has nearly always done, find a way to win. >> you lie and not both endlessly. they don't have a name on it, john o'neill. >> hold that, hold that. >> you lied -- >> what about mr. carthy, mr. o'neill? >> i am appalled. >> and understand why you are screaming. you can't afford the truth. >> you never met -- >> cbs news has exclusive information including documents that now sheds new light on the president's service record. 60 minutes has obtained government documents that indicate mr. bush may have received preferential treatment in the guard after not filling his commitments. >> vote republican and you vote to enable george bush to keep rolling as an emperor, a child emperor. but an emperor. >> i have to tell you, as part of record in this case this election. the feeling most people when they hear barack obama speech, i feel that's going up my leg. i don't have that too often. it's a dramatic event. there's nothing to do with politics and has to do with the guy we have about our country. and that is an objective assessment. >> i read that she once took a psych
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
leadership. can john boehner at the time is running for reelection of its leaders say, i'm going to make a deal with barack obama to include retracting? >> that's a good question. so i was informed recently of a conversation that a leading plater on tax, who is now on k street, but his background is more on the democratic side with the counterparty on the republican side. the conversation will have to cave on taxes because john boehner can't move his caucus before january 1st, but once he gets really did that is what will have to happen. i think for many of us, we see this as a prescription to never get anywhere. the hope is that after the election the discussion proceeds in such a fashion that there can be agreement in december. but i think the very point you mentioned is one of the reasons why i believe it is more likely that we would get a deal in january than in december for precisely the point you just mentioned about honor and the elections and house. the mac let me broaden the elections. i should state more clearly. the bottom-line question is what does it take the house republica
Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, john described it perfectly well. there is something remarking thabl republicans forever and every was about to disclose and now can't get them to disclose the past and the senate backs the republicans in the house at all. so those are the kinds of things that are i think are sphrus rating. i think big picture. >> was that the first place looking for bipartisan over the last four years. >> yeah. that was going to be the -- [inaudible] >> one place president obama is going to reach across the aisle. that will be great. >> by the way, i think you answered your own question. of course. why woo do you do anything enormous. you don't want to be caught or someone to know what you're doing. there are a variety of reasons for that. but it takes away a remarkable amount of accountability in the system. if you don't know who is financing something you are watching and viewing. you have no sense where it's coming from. what the motives are. what is the special interest what is happening. >> you have a to be curious a lot of questions that come from the angle are the same people who advocate t
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
at the universities john jay kelley school of music and those participating to television, radio or the internet, welcome to our campus. the university's partners for today's event are njtv and the north jersey media group. we're pleased to serve as a hub for the many other news organizations that are covering this event live, including wnyc, wb wbgo-fm, c-span another news outlets. i would like to encourage your citizens throughout the state to be actively engaged in considering the issues and the candidates and to participate in the electoral process. thank you. ♪ >> at the john jay calley school of music. i am mike schneider, managing editor here at njtv. we welcome you to the first debate between the two major party candidates for the u.s. senate. u.s. senator bob menendez, democratic incumbent and republican challenger, joe kyrillos. question candidates tonight, the editorial page editor of "the record and herald news." brigid callahan harrison, professor of political science at state university. herb jackson, washington correspondent for the record hurt and my colligan chief clinical cor
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5